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Anyone would agree if the sport is the most enjoyable activity and can be done by everyone. In addition to the great benefits for health, now sports can also be done in various ways. One of them is playing laser tag. For some people, this game may not be related to sports at all, but because this game uses physical, the calories in your body will burn. You can try a mobile laser tag to experience a fun laser game experience.

This game is indeed from Europe and America, but over the past few years, this game has spread in several countries. Unlike other similar games, such as paintball or airsoft gun, this game uses an electronic laser so that it does not cause pain, clothes that become dirty, or also you do not need to buy and have expensive equipment. For those of you who are used to playing games on a computer, this laser game can be your choice.

Usually, in this game, you will be divided into two teams and will be equipped with a sensor vest that is associated with a laser gun. In this game, all you need is a good team-work and the sharpness of the eyes when launching a shot from the weapon. If a member shoots his own team then the value will decrease automatically. Also, keep in mind that you pay attention for the parts of your body that will gain the scores. You have to shoot the sensor parts that are on the shoulders, chest, back and on the weapon. The trick is to direct your laser to the burning vest that is used by your opponent.

You need to have a good focus in playing this game. You have to be able to find opponents and do direct shots at them. You also need to be able to avoid laser attacks that is given by your opponent. The focus is the key to this game.

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